The 3rd of Iranian social workers’ media campaign


    Smoothing of recovery route

    Smoothing of recovery route: The addiction, dependence, drugs using are words for showing a person involved with his physical-psychological demands,…

    Substance use disorders

    Substance use disorders: You will read a short note written by an Iranian social worker regarding addiction in Iran.

    Completion statement of Iranian social workers’ third media campaign

    The third media campaign of Iranian social workers was accomplished with significant participation of active social workers on different social…

    Attention to happy life environment, missing link in support of recovered addicts

    Happiness and joy are more important for this reason that a few number of happiness constituents has a direct and…

    The role of social workers in individual support with recovered addicts

    Introduction Narcotics addiction is a problem has found a wide range and a lot of peoples are involved acute biological…

    Addiction market, turmoil in the treatment of addiction

    In today world the addiction industry is beside other profitable industries like manufacturing of arms and oil.

    The social workers’ role in support of recovered addicts

    Addiction is a social problem with global scope Today human being needs to be supported more by the social workers…

    The viewpoint of Master Moqaddasi about third media campaign of the social workers

    Social support is the key word of toleration Because of health support of persons who are involved with addiction for…

    Coaching Research Center


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      What is life coaching?

      What is life coaching? In the previous note, I provided a general definition for both life and business coaching. In…

      What are different types of coaching?

      What are different types of coaching? The last two notes were about what coaching is and what coaching is not.…

      What isn’t coaching?

      What isn’t coaching? In the previous note, we talked about what coaching is. In the present note, we aim at…

      What is coaching?

      What is coaching? During the past few years, coaching has gained a lot of interest in Iran, and has attracted…

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