What are different types of coaching?

What are different types of coaching? The last two notes were about what coaching is and what coaching is not. In this note and the following ones, I will discuss different types of coaching.

What are different types of coaching?

Before going through the different types, it is important to note that whatever the type of coaching is, it is about promoting health, career and life performance of clinically healthy individuals. The International Federation of Coaching has given two broad categories of coaching, namely life and business coaching.

Generally speaking, life coaching is intended to improve the quality of life. It can address different aspects of life like human development, relationships, spirituality, health, and career development. In fact, life coaching is after the things that make people happier, healthier, and more successful. A life coach help clients recognize their vision, set their priorities, and hen design an action plan to reach that vision. There are different types to life coaching such as career coaching, family coaching, health coaching, motivational coaching, parent coaching, personal development coaching, spiritual coaching, and success coaching.

Business coaching, on the other hand, is aimed at unearthing the individuals’ strengths, skills, and capabilities. A business coach accompanies clients through their development path, helps them gain new insights, provides constant feedback, and supports them in reaching their goals and accessing their potentials. A business coach needs to be well familiar with productive career environments, motivational approaches, and how to overcome workplace barriers. There are different subcategories to business coaching such as business management coaching, entrepreneur coaching, executive management coaching, leadership and management coaching, sales coaching, and marketing coaching.

In future notes, I will discuss in more details the different types of coaching presented above. Through those notes, a definition of the different types along with the right clients to each, and types of services they should expect to receive will be given.

Dr. Marzieh Nezakatalhosseini
What are different types of coaching?
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