Business Coaching

Business Coaching: As mentioned in previous notes, coaching can be generally divided into life coaching and business coaching. The previous note elaborated on life coaching and some of its popular subcategories. In this note I will introduce business coaching and some of its branches.

Business Coaching

Business Management Coaching: Typical clients are the owners of various businesses such as start-ups, large companies, average or even small companies. Business management coaches need to have experience in managing businesses themselves. A business management coach helps clients reach their business goals through setting goal-oriented plans. These coaches can help clients in areas such as communication with employees and suppliers, time management, organizational skills, and improving self-confidence as a business owner.

Entrepreneur Coaching: Clients to this type of coaching are of two types: young entrepreneurs with little experience and big ambitions and more experienced entrepreneurs who need help in some aspects of their businesses. These clients might also be about to start their business or even may be struggling with keeping their old business. It is worth mentioning that entrepreneur coaching is not about leading a motivated person down the road to their desired business, but it is about helping the person overcome both emotional and practice-related issues they might encounter in their path. An entrepreneur coach can help clients improve their time management skills to stick to what they have started, improve their leadership style, identify their support system (family, friends, contacts, and investors), learn marketing and personal branding techniques, expand business contacts for more success, use technology to enhance performance and growth, and set an action plan in line with their vision, resources, time, and support system.

Executive Business Coaching: This type of coaching covers a wide range of businesses and involves people who work as managers of large corporations, leaders, and owners of industries. These people are mostly capable of handling their business, but hire coaches to accelerate their success. Executive business coaches need to have a thorough understanding of these people’s positions in their corporations and industries. These people are usually looking for solutions to obstacles they have been dealing with, and are also looking to feel more satisfied with their business. Executive business coaches can provide their clients with the following services: helping teams come to consensus and take action, helping employees set an owner mindset, improving a sense of accountability in employees, helping them decide on ways to recruit top managers and retain them, enabling them to set marketing and business plans, promoting autonomy among workers, and decide on their organizational priorities.

Sales Coaching: Sales managers, sales executives, sales consultants, entrepreneurs, and even coaches are the typical clients to this type of coaching. These clients might look very different at first glance; however, they have many similarities. All of them look for their business partners, intend to increase their sales, want to stabilize their businesses, and increase their bottom line. These coaches need to have sales environment experience to be able to help their clients increase their sales, reach their goals, make teams, and increase interest. These clients are mostly after increasing the number of their customers, learn ways to close deals for certain, overcome shyness, fear, and low self-esteem, improve their self-confidence to meet challenges, learn effective sales techniques, create a strong support system, and learn the art of negotiation.

Marketing Coaching: marketing managers, marketing executives, marketing counselor, entrepreneurs, and again coaches are the clients of this kind of coaching. Marketers are usually after being able to give the right message to the right person the right time. A marketing coach needs to have plenty of knowledge about marketing their client’s product to be able to help them implement the right language and effective ways to influence relevant consumers. These coaches can help clients in the following areas:

Primary and secondary market research, understanding customers’ behaviors and attitudes, finding market niches, create new communication channels, finding the right messages to convey, targeting the relevant consumers, and learning online and digital marketing.

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Business Coaching
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