What is life coaching?

What is life coaching? In the previous note, I provided a general definition for both life and business coaching. In this note, I intend to introduce some types of life coaching, namely career coaching, parent coaching,

What is life coaching?

personal development coaching, and recovery coaching. As coaching is generally aimed at improving and promoting the quality of life, it is important to have in mind that as different as they might appear, there are similarities between the different types.

Career coaching: Typical clients of career coaching are individuals who are involved with today’s modern labor market, want to find a new job, intend to promote their current state, or have decided to entirely change fields. A career coach does not necessarily have to be an expert in their client’s field of specialty. Rather they need to be able to enable the client to find the strength in themselves to find a new job, change their current job to their dream job. In career coaching sessions, coaches try to identify the clients’ strengths, talents, goals, needs, and areas of interest. Moreover, the coach tries to help clients overcome workplace barriers, and helps them develop an action plan to achieve job satisfaction. Career coaches help clients make critical career decisions, help them with networking to find a new job, prepare them for job interviews, and help review different job opportunities.

Parent coaching: Most parents face challenges raising their children, and all they want is to have a loving relationship with their children. In fact, the main job of a parent coach is to help parents having challenge raising their children learn effective parenting skills, identify their challenges, take action towards them, and find solutions. The desired outcome of parent coaching must be a stronger relationship between parents and their children which is at the same time close, based on thrust and filled with love. The following are mostly discussed in a typical parent coaching session: first child challenges, temper tantrums, potty training, anger management issues during puberty, picky eating, physical and emotional issues during puberty, depression or suicidal thoughts, drug and alcohol abuse, and also providing the environment for their growth and success.

Personal development coaching: clients who refer to personal development coaches have come to the idea that life is a precious gift and intend to make the most out of it. Personal development coaching entails different issues such as increasing happiness, love, and wealth. Generally speaking, this type of coaching is about how to enjoy life. It is important to have in mind that people, by nature, have this quality is themselves, and the coach is there to help them find it in themselves. The common issues in personal development coaching are: interpersonal relationships, self-love, finding the real self, creating a positive mindset, increasing enjoyment and enthusiasm, improving self-confidence, reducing stress and anxiety, and self-motivation.

Recovery coaching: Recovery coaches encounter individuals who are recovering from all types of addiction (drugs, drinks, sex, and gambling). Addiction can affect almost all aspects of an individual’s life; therefore, a recovery coach has to deal with a variety of issues. It is very important to note that a recovery coach has a very different role from an addiction counselor. Recovery coaches deal with individuals after they begin detoxification. For example, they help them set personal and career goals. Life after addiction can be very difficult and confusing, so a recovery coach needs to consequently remind the individual of why they have become sober, and provide them with tools helping them with managing their new life. These tools can include time management, goal setting, stress reduction, anger management, effective communication, career decision making, job searching, increasing income, improving self-confidence and self-esteem, leading a healthy life, career and personal life balance, and networking.

In summary, career, parent, personal development, and recovery coaching are four out of the many available life coaching types. Similarly, in the following, I am going to discuss business coaching and introduce some of its types.

Dr. Marzieh Nezakatalhosseini
What is life coaching?
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