Welfare Organization and integration of strategic management and leadership

Writer : Bohloul Mohammadi, social workera

Welfare Organization and the importance of creating an approach to integrate the strategic management and leadership
Writer : Bohloul Mohammadi, social worker

The social, cultural, economical even political and environmental changes affect on purposes and missions of Welfare Organization and sometimes act as determinants; so it is required to make a new strategic approach in this specialized Organization. This is why we mention below some significant points to obtain great goals in the form of integration of strategic management and leadership. These goals should be realized to have a dynamic, proudly and learning organization.

•Specifying the role of integration approach for strategic management and leadership as a coherent, dynamic and coordinated system in Welfare Organization as well as higher management structure which executively and structurally determine and affect on entities related to Ministry of Labor, Cooperation and Common-WealthWelfare Organization

•Strategically specification of policies and professional issues in the field of society, economy, politics, culture and environment related to the missions and duties of Welfare Organization and communication with national structures

•Recognizing the specialized and committed forces working in the Organization, planning for applying them desirably due to their professions and experience , Reinforce the profession motivationWelfare Organization

•Recognizing the talented and potentially powerful forces interested in working in professional areas and investment, various practical and professional planning to apply them desirably

•Comprehensive recognition toward climate , culture, social conditions of local, regional, provincial, national and international societies and paying attention to their roles due to the goals and duties of Welfare Organization in planning and targeting

•Recognition of role and real position of potential and actual capacities of organizations and nonpublic centers cooperating for goals and missions of Welfare Organization, and planning relevant to the strategies and policies of Welfare OrganizationWelfare Organization

•Efforts to build structures based on guild, social and professional systems and strengthening the relationships of expertise areas and teams according to the Welfare dutiesWelfare Organization

•Strengthening the high position of Welfare Organization as an expertise and reference entity on social issues in Iran and foreign countries.

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