Attention to happy life environment, missing link in support of recovered addicts

Narcotics addiction has been one of the social damages happened to a significant part of youths and our families.

happy life environment and support of recovered addicts

Due to the authorities’ evidence, more over 70 percent of prisoners are formed by crimes related to addiction. A lot of camps have been built; plentiful addiction treatment centers have been increased but practically it has not affected on demand decline and narcotics addiction is destructive scourge of youth even adolescents. This is the reason that in the paradigm of the individual and the environment, individualizing the issue is more paid attention while addiction can be a synthesis of these two concepts. The person who passed the treatment process and so called being recovered; he is placed on a environment which causes his addiction.

This is where the sick social environment leads him to reuse drugs. But what is the solution?

Iran among other countries does not have a good position from viewpoint of happiness status and other indicators of life quality.

Happiness and joy are more important for this reason that a few number of happiness constituents has a direct and meaningful relationship with the expansion of social damages; on the other words in happy communities the social damages are far less than other regions and the main factor forgotten in our community is happiness and the manner of its management.

One of the important solutions for preventing the addiction is happiness managing and the correct management of the social environment based on principles.

It means if we classify these concepts including addiction, depression, isolation, hopelessness and similar cases, they will have cause-effect relationship and conversely the concepts such as happiness, joy, hope and participation are categorized in other groups.

Effective variables on succulence are exercise, preparing the mass programs like music concert, using local and regional capacities, development of parks and sporting spaces, paying attention to traditional music and local customs because these cases have a direct and positive effect on individuals’ soul and of course spiritual and social health.

For example exercise is known as addiction enemy and it is absolutely correct but what mechanism causes that we know exercise as addiction enemy?

Because in addition exercising and motion can have a desirable effective on person’s physical status, they refine his spirit and cause vitality so happiness is the enemy of addiction. It is right that unemployment leads to drug using and addiction but even for leisure time of staff we do not have a compiled and comprehensive program.

Some of adolescents and youths choose café and traditional dining rooms for their leisure time and these cafes use hookah which leads to narcotics addiction.

Of course we must strictly pay attention that a security conflict is not effective. For instance we have Chaharshanbeh Soori (an Iranian celebration and custom on the last Tuesday of the year) and for many years we have had conflicts with this traditional custom because of adverse effects of inflammable materials used in this custom, but have these conflicts been useful?

This custom is celebrated on streets and alleys but it can be taken into account the controlled places for this purpose by a good management and a purposive use to be raised, in addition to preventing its social events, it can affect on people happiness.

Human being is a social creature and he prefers the mass happiness than the individual joy, as the passion plays time (Iranian custom), the mourning is performed collectively.

The unique welcome of people about volleyball games is another reason concerning what we said. No breach of patriotism, but more people are looking for a fun group to discharge their energy through a mass group and without appropriate conditions, certainly this energy will lead to addiction and violence.

Beautifying the apparent forms of buildings and city appearance entirely, the manner of ruling streets, reducing the numerous speed bumps through other alternative mechanism, they are all effective on people’s happiness increase and life expectancy and it is done in neighboring country Turkey.

So it can be seen how a social and physical environment can affect on people’s happiness increase and mutually damages reduction. This point is considered less by authorities.

Amin Movahedi
Master of social work
The third Iranian social workers’ media campaign
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