Pediatric Social Work

Introductory Guide to Pediatric Social Work
By Kaitlin Louie
Pediatric social workers work in inpatient and outpatient medical settings to support children who are experiencing chronic and/or severe medical conditions. They also work with the families of pediatric patients, providing emotional support, care coordination services, connections to important resources, and assistance in navigating the medical system and communicating with medical teams. Pediatric social workers typically work in the pediatric departments of hospitals and medical centers, but may also work at private practices and clinics, community health centers, and other settings that provide medical care to children and adolescents.
Challenges that pediatric social workers can face on the job include shouldering the emotional burdens of families in distress, inadequate resources to help each client as much as they would like, and overwork. Despite these challenges, however, many pediatric social workers find the field to be deeply rewarding due to the meaningful relationships they develop with patients and their families, and the positive impact of their work.

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Compiler: Fateme Mohammady
Published on the specialized media of Iranians social work

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