The social workers’ role in support of recovered addicts

Addiction is a social problem with global scope

Today human being needs to be supported more by the social workers than his demands removed.

In today’s society although the addiction is more destructive than what we hear and see but shouldn’t it be truly difference between recovered addicts and those drowned in addiction?

According to the census, there are one million and 325 thousands of addicts in our country, and the social workers’ role is vital on the field of employment, prevention, treatment and protection of families and we are going to use these capacities and donors for reducing the addiction damages.

More accurately the recovered addicts can be divided in to two parts:

The first group: those recovered addicts being left alone after leaving the rehabilitation camps or spaces and try to prove their recoveries without any support and unfortunately they return to drug using.

The second group: those recovered addicts encounter the social workers willingly and the hopeful aspect of life to be revealed.

However the social workers are the only supportive groups can affect on the continual recovery process.

Both of powerful saviors (the social workers) and strong-will survivors (recovered from addiction) are complementary of purposive rehabilitation cycle.

It seems the most important empowerment items are notable and searchable for supporting by the social workers and these items are:

_ attracting donors for financial support
_ making the employment fund for clients and recovered addicts and their families by investment and aggregation of managed funds of Relief Committee, prisons staff, Welfare organization and other supportive systems for synergy and avoid of overlap
_ professional training for employment and labor market
_ strengthening the sense of will for resisting and avoiding of drug reusing
_ using the capacity of the exhibition, stores, markets for selling the products of the recovered addicts and their families
_ trying to take facilities and essential loans for employment and beginning of healthy life
_ returning the recovered addict to the family and having a safe marriage
_ strengthening the sense of being useful and self awareness more
_ reinforcing the literacy and education continuing
_ looking for and bringing up the recovered addicts’ capabilities and talents and leading him toward his talents
_ increasing empathy, no blaming and humiliation, encouraging him toward activities and sense of responsibility
However the hard-working process of the social workers and colleagues continues.

Fahimeh E’sami
Articles relevant to the third Iranian social workers’ media campaign

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