Industrial Social Work

The transformation from industrial social work to corporate social responsibility points out a definite shift in the realm of social work vis-à-vis goal, objective and priorities of business. Over the past several decades, social workers around the world have successfully been able to integrate with the modern production and business processes, particularly in addressing the emergent needs of the industrial population like those arising out of the psychosocial impact of workforce alienation, over-specialization, competitiveness, stress and fatigue on their life. Over all these years, as there has been a major transformation in defining human being in the context of business from human resource to human capital, the corporate has also been restructuring its role in revitalizing its human resources alongside taking care of the vast external stakeholders (customers) through its new slogan of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’. But this new configuration lends itself to the process of self-examination and the litmus test remains: Is Corporate Social Responsibility’ a new area structured to delineate the corporate’s idea of greater variety of social services for mankind; or just one more catchphrase used to establish thefact that business houses are doing ‘lot more than mere expansion of industrial social work; or has there been a change in the principal objective and priority of the corporate at the back of starting these programmes – from curbing loss to making “just profit”?

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Santanu Sarkar, Ph.D , Assistant Professor Compiler: Fateme Mohammady
Published on the specialized media of Iranians social work


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