The viewpoint of Master Moqaddasi about third media campaign of the social workers

Social support is the key word of toleration
Because of health support of persons who are involved with addiction for any reason and now they are trying to return to their lives and healthy, the hope will remain. It might seem while we encounter with various challenges of millions of educated youths, the subject of social support necessity of the recovered addicts is not much reputable.
Remember this note and the media campaign if you know an addict who is trying to save himself from addiction or he is in recovery process and health promotion.
If we are not affected with an illness, we will not appreciate treatment and therapist.
The media transfers the message and the media campaign is nothing but making the message for participation and advocacy and this campaign is looking for sensitivity and support for and idea named social support necessity of the recovered addicts.
And surely this participation causes toleration development of the recovered addicts and optimizing and strengthening the effect of current programs, as if being successful in many issues in direct relation with advocacy will be particular for that issue.
We hope the campaign message to be received by interested parties, decision makers, opponents and partners and only in this way we will make sure that we will have been successful in fulfilling our mission.
It is hoped audiences become active actors through this campaign.
Supporting health recovery is the main message of this campaign.
This campaign leads and supports by induction, and it has information and motivation, and the resultant of these constituents absolutely helps to find out and strengthen the new solutions and effectiveness of programs.
Opposition to this sensitivity and participation can occur by three reasons:
The first one, the social workers community is not known correctly
The second one, Unfamiliarity with social workers’ mission and services
The last one, the opponent does not know himself well
At the end, it is hoped all of recovered addicts profit by our full support to recover their lives and damaged health.

Mohammad Reza Moqaddasi: toleration lecturer and researcher

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