Addiction market, turmoil in the treatment of addiction

In today world the addiction industry is beside other profitable industries like manufacturing of arms and oil.
Treatments according to their history
Due to much vacuity in addiction treatment, self help approach is expanded regarding other societies’ experiences and each of associations somehow accelerated this case and its achievement was constituting the medium-term treatment centers, the recovered addicts are the therapists of this approach and the consultations given to the clients are derived from the experiences of recovered addicts and the interventions are based on the recovered addict’s viewpoint.
The initial emphasis of pharmacotherapy and medical approach was on drug effectiveness on risky drug users and later all of addicts and then it affected on drug lords market somehow that the opium demand lowered and tendency to these drugs being raised. In this period of time traders of drug distribution network lost a significant amount of their profits, this short term success was to policy maker physicians’ advantage and drug profit and increasing demand for medicine instead of narcotics caused development of medical – pharmaceutical treatment centers and this case was obvious function therapy-centered changed to hidden function customer-centered.
If we know addiction as a social, physical, spiritual and mental phenomenon, we will discover the weakness of treatment in different times that it is dependent on addiction industry and even being benefited by it in any manner and fields like medicine, psychiatry, psychology, social work and counselors compete with each other for treating addiction and they know themselves as therapist then the complicated conditions of addiction become more complicated by therapist and the persons who need treatment services become confused more. In addition to the families’ great expense, mistrust of therapist is added as hidden function by the society which wants its addicts return to his routine life and a kind of addiction treatment social anomie is seen.
Due to the conception of equal quality of services, the injustice will happen when the experts spend much time for patients of different social classes but these patients are not seen justly.
Debate and conclusion
Due to the analyses presented in this article, I mentioned the inequality of treatment services and at the same time it has become one-dimensional by therapy experts and a customer-centered sight, and these cases caused deviance of treatment and confusion or it is better be said the people trust relative to therapists is decreased addiction.
In addiction market process and its treatment with positive mutual relationship, the addiction treatment policy, anti-drug, need of clients to treat, the family-social-economic status and even sociability of addicts must be taken into consideration that this case is out of a particular treatment approach responsibility and need having a treatment team consisting of all therapists. Now if we come back to the key word of market in this article, this plan will not be enforceable because of therapist reluctance in benefit dividing.
This is the question: what can be done for justice-centered treatment services and rights for recovered addicts and their families?
The main role of the social worker in the multi-level action to achieve equitable treatment:
1. Applying more perfect programs and services:
In the society there is need for resources and institutions that people for different reasons are not able and taught how to use them and here the role of the social worker is helping them to use these resources.
2. Being accessible the services and resources:
The role of the social workers is helping to the institutions to change the various aspects of their establishments based on the real needs of society and being equipped for better supply of services.
3. Establishment of organizations and new treatment services due to needs assessment:
In this situation it is imagined some of people’s needs being removed.

Arash tavakoli
Master of social work
Articles relevant to the third Iranian social workers’ media campaign

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