Iranian social workers’ official website

About us, our commission and our aims

Iranian social workers’ official website has started working dated 2013/3/21 to make a center for access and synergy of scientific and research activities in different fields of social work with the following aims:

Creating a comprehensive information bank and updated articles, with easy access and identical tack and eliminating existent temporal and organizational and form limitations
Introducing specialist, scholars and masters in the specialized fields of social work for strengthening spiritual rights
Preparing a space to proceed and manage of social work content for preventing wastage of Iranian social workers’ material and spiritual resources on current repetitive and stereotyped trends
Planning for localizing social work in the country
Expanding virtual databases in the field of social work

Familiarity with different parts of Iranian social work website:
1. The first information bank of Iranian social workers
2. Iranian social workers database
3. The first idea creating system of Iranian social workers
4. Iranian social workers’ smart news feeds
5. Iranian social workers’ international database
6. Social work centers in Iran map
7. Iranian social workers’ webmaster tools
8. Iranian social workers’ link shortener

Ongoing project:
1. The first virtual faculty of Iranian social workers
2. Iranian social workers’ official news agency
It is remarkable that new and varied sections will be performed and launched and in this section, they will be introduced as soon as possible.

The manager of Iranian social workers’ official website: Javaad Teleschi Yektaa

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