Risks caused by Corona Virus for target society and the personnel of social emergency centers (line 123)

Corona virus and social emergency: Risks caused by Corona Virus for target society and the personnel of social emergency centers (line 123)
Mehrimah Bahramzadeh, social worker

This article explains about the activities of social workers and experts working in social emergency centers; they are as endangered as target society in Covid 19 pandemic.Corona virus and social emergency

First of all, the social emergency, the services, goals, target groups and its regulations are briefly defined in order to determine how it works, to whom it provide services and the risks.Corona virus and social emergency

To meet the needs and reduce the problems, each society takes different actions, design sand implements various programs. One of these programs implemented in 2004 was social emergency center (line 123) for fast and easy access, control and reduce social harms and crimes. This center began to work for kids at risk and child abuse; following other social harms, it has also supported other groups at risks.Corona virus and social emergency

Target society and those who use social emergency services
Abused children
Abused women
Child labor
Those who intend to commit suicide or have already attempted to suicide
Women and girls at risk or hurt socially
The boys and girls who run away from their homes
Divorced couples or those who have chronic family conflicts
Those who suffer from sexual identity disorder
And other people face chronic crises
These groups of people dwelling in unorganized, vulnerable, illegal and slum regions have less environmental health and they are involved in problems arisen by poverty and addiction and suffer from low individual health. In one hand, due to the lack of training and disregarding the health and warnings about corona virus, diseases pandemics especially covid 19 have been more observed in this part of society compared to anywhere else.Corona virus and social emergency

On the other hand, The personnel of social emergency work in dangerous areas with the people at risk because they should act based on principles such as being on time, accessible and specialized. They can play a main role to control and reduce individual, family and social crises as well as prevent social harm and psycho-social involvements before crimes and judicial-disciplinary interventions. To facilitate organizing, they have departmental communications and are present in judicial-disciplinary entities, hospitals and other relevant organizations which cause to be more exposed to corona virus.Corona virus and social emergency

Despite the health and security measures, we should remember that people especially those who work in social emergency dealing with hurt people tolerate the tension and stress caused by the pandemic.

In the end it is worth noting that covid 19 pandemic caused to take into consideration strategical and practical measures to train and prepare treatment for deprived people with cultural and health poverty . All entities should focus on individual health as a main part of their daily work.Corona virus and social emergency

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