Smoothing of recovery route

Smoothing of recovery route: The addiction, dependence, drugs using are words for showing a person involved with his physical-psychological demands, and he only sees himself and demands and nothing else!

Smoothing of recovery route

These demands surpass all the aspects of one’s family and personal and social life. If we study this case deeply, we observe not only drugs abusing but also misbehaviors in modern life and they aren’t only opium and industrial materials but including habitual misbehaviors disrupt their lives and the cause of these behaviors can be considered by phenomenological approach. Smoothing of recovery route

As you know after withdrawal, these causes and cases of tendency to the addiction are good reasons for drug reusing. The person who is an addict because of different socio-personal factors like financial problems, social and family suppression and refusal, job losing, hating himself and even he tries to withdraw the narcotic by his family support and has a successful withdrawal physically, in fact he is in starting point and it needs to consider the reasons of drug using first then remove them step by step so if the cause isn’t eliminated, the effect would be returned then we observe unsuccessful withdrawal several times and returning drug using.

Now this is the turning point of his life after addiction stigma, unemployment, unreliability and the sense of inferiority complex.Smoothing of recovery route

He must find a safe place of peace of mind, self confidence for his fears and deficiencies and he reminds himself like: “you can do it” or “start from first” or “we all support you to regain what you lost” and this is a good starting point, and it will be absolutely effective originated by the family.

Smoothing of recovery route
Smoothing of recovery route

If he passed the family environment successfully, he would encounter the society that is more difficult phase. The society has different responsibilities like planning of relevant agencies and these plans are making facilities for employment, preparing appropriate conditions for recreations economically, desired space for leisure time and of course an advisor or a social worker contribution during this way with its ups and downs; in other words if we can relatively remove one’s financial and employment problems, we will make smooth this way, then creating and stability of filters in one’s nature until he can understand if the environment, society and friends stimulate him to use drugs, he should have stronger reasons for consistency in his way.Smoothing of recovery route

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