Industrial Social Work

Industrial organization forms a secondary setting for the proactive of professional social work. It is different from other secondary welfare setting due to its primary orientation to production and profit rather than to the welfare needs of the workers.

There is a growing recognition of the fact that the human personality is influenced by and influences the organization. Hence it is necessary to have a basic understanding of organizational structure of the industry in relation to its communication pattern and its system of authority.

The workers and the problems can be better perceived against the holistic background of his work place, his work family, and his community. The industrial social worker whose work covers an intangible out put can work with conviction and commitment in a profit oriented setting only if his/her functions are balanced with the primary interest of the organization. A clear understanding of the social workers role responsibilities and status in relation to the concerned department of great relevance. Although it was felt earlier that a personnel or welfare programs need not have any connection with the economic potentials of the industry. It is increasingly felt that “A well formulate Social Work Practice,” is as much as economic proposition as production or sales program. It helps to improve the attitude of employees towards their job. As in the ultimate analysis it is the attitude of employees, which control the quality of production, quantity of the production and the productivity. Improvement in the attitude improves productivity and there by increases profit. 

Role of Industrial Social Worker
It is essential to understand the areas of responsibilities associated with each functionary, so as to gain a clear perspective of role and status of the industrial social worker. The development of the industrial social work in India is recent. It is primarily voluntary and is influenced by the emphasis placed by the government on certain programs in organized sector.

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Compiler: Fateme Mohammady
Published on the specialized media of Iranians social work

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