The importance of learning the resilience in difficult situations

In this essay, we consider the importance of learning the resilience in difficult situations and how it empowers us to behave strongly and decisively  in vicissitudes of life.

While your life can be invaluable and pretty, it can also be challenging  when you face the difficult situations.

Resilience turns to our biggest strength in front of adversities; it enables us to overcome the barriers, learn from failures and look more powerful than ever.

Adversities accepted as a catalyst for growth: The difficult situations are not supposed to defeat us but they exist to shape us.

Resilience teaches us to find difficulties as a personal development. It enables us to reconsider the challenges as steps toward self improvement and building resilience muscles along the path.

Making of growth mentality

Resilience has been intertwined with growth mentality. Nurturing this belief that the intelligence and abilities can be developed with effort, we are able to flourish our potential for learning and adaptation against difficult situations.

The importance of learning the resilience
The importance of learning the resilience

The acceptance of growth mentality encourages us to be optimist about challenges and tend to learn from them.

Practice of optimism

Learning the resilience includes use of optimistic thinking. Keeping this positive viewpoint in challenging circumstances can help us to be motivated and focused.

It enables us to be hopeful, find solutions and trust our abilities to overcome barriers. Optimism even in the face of problems leads to resilience.

Provision of life toolbox

Resilience helps us to be equipped by effective coping strategy in the face of difficult situations. The strategies contain asking the family, friends and mentors to support us, doing self-care activities like exercise and meditation, and involvement in hobbies which bring  happiness and calmness.

In the face of challenges, we are empowered by building the set of coping strategies.

Respecting for failures

Resilience teaches us the failure is not the end but a step for success. We will be able to bounce back stronger if we accept the failures as chances to learn and grow.

Each failure turns to a valuable lesson and causes the attitude and wisdom which lead to the success in the future.

Accepting the emotions and managing them

Learning about resilience needs to grow the emotional quotient including the perception and effective management of feelings.

Emotional quotient helps us to go ahead during difficult situations by knowing our feelings, declaring them and understanding the emotions of other people. It lets us have a healthier relationship and make up consciously decisions in challenging times.

Creating the self-compassion

Resilience needs self-compassion in difficult situations including kindly behavior and perception in the face of mistakes and problems.

Seeking the inspiration from resilience patterns

Getting inspired by resilience patterns, the resilience can be increased.  There are people who have overcome the important challenges or succeeded against adversities.

By reading the stories and experiences we will achieve valuable attitudes, motivation and feeling of possibility in life.


Learning about resilience can be found as a transformational journey which enables us to welcome to the challenges, to be grown by obstacles and make progress in the face of adversities.

By nurturing the growth mentality and optimism, developing the coping strategies, and having self-compassion we are able to build resilience muscles which empower us during the life.

Let us welcome to the difficult situations as opportunities for growth and release our resilience to overcome the challenges of life with an invulnerable determination and courage.

Zohreh Mahdavi; social worker
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