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The book of the social workers media campaign in the world’s social work colleges

The book of the third social workers’ media campaign by the subject of support necessity of the recovered addicts will be sent for reputable social work colleges located in United States, Germany, Switzerland and India (after publication), and these articles will be studied and considered by colleges’ scientific committees.

It is notable that it has been decided in terms of repeated requests by Iranian media campaign’s foreign audiences.
It is worth noting Iranian social workers’ official website has announced its readiness for sending the above mentioned book to other countries’ reputable colleges.

Essential conditions for sending the book to the colleges’ representatives

1. Prepare and submit a formal written request of the same college to the director general of Iranian social workers’ official website (Mr. Javad Teleschi Yekta’) and of course that request must be under the related college seal. (Sending the related request will be accomplished in the form of an attached file and through Iranian social workers’ email address
2. Sending the media campaign book will be conditional on book exhibition, the studies and considerations of the college scientific committees in the presence of our representative and certainly documentaries and pictures of the meeting should be sent us.
3. After announced stages, paying the book costs and mailing it will be trough D.H.L service, and after our related considerations and in case of our authorities agreement, the currency account number will be announced for deposit $ 40 to the applicant representative of this book.

Source: public relations of Iranian social workers’ official website

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