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Iranian home of resilience has begun to work as a center for research on resilience issues, resilience-based specialized researches, as well as training on resilience in different ways with unique methods (accompany with assessment of training effects); it is free for society-centered NGOs with the aim of promoting, developing and institutionalizing the resilience in the society.

Where is the activity of Iranian resilience home?

It is worth noting that the Iranian resilience club on the Iranian online social work journal and the Iranian home of resilience as an independent branch on Iranian social work website are active under technical, operational and professional supervision and support of Iranian social work Media.

Home of resilience will be simultaneously unveiled with the book of Iranian resilience club.

The activity of resilience Home will be based on research and train

Resilience in current crises and solving problems needs timely management which it is a difficult intervention.

The nature and the form of crises have outstanding differences and usually challenge our abilities for overcoming the problems. The more resilient people are, the easier with less costs it is to overcome and pass the crises.

What is Resilience?

Resilience needs a deep level of adaptation; it means when something happens which completely affects and overwhelms our lives, we should not imagine that we’re done. As our bodies tolerate diseases effects, the mind and its outputs should have resilience in the face of the current crisis. So we can also bear psycho-social and emotional problems when we are able to tolerate diseases.

It should be mentioned that the resilience does not mean infallibility, but as a self commitment and increase of healing capacity and continuous recovery. We all know our country, Iran faces a lot of natural and man-made crises. In this situation, while the vulnerability of people is increasing, it is required to have strategies and plans in order to reduce the effects of crises.

Iranian social workers Media

In this regard resilience is one of the most important plans helps us to achieve goals. Iranian social workers Media contains 3 subsets called as ISW announcements, ISW Virtual Magazine and ISW English website.

During 5 years of activity, four books entitled “the book of year” were compiled and published ; the content of two was based on media campaigns.

Iranian home of resilience
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