Media campaign’s completion statement of Iranian social workers

International month of social work …
International day of social work …
By the grace of god, we are proud that we could accomplish widespread media campaign with a maximum presence of social workers from all over Iran due to international month of social work in cyberspace.
Iranian social workers’ media camaign was accomplished in valid social networks and websites with various subjects in different areas relevant to Iran and the world’s social work through wide spreading of social workers’ notes and articles.
The process time of this media campaign was considered 38 working days and it was managed by considering of all aspects and media parameters and emphasis on the stability of relevant activities.
From first to last day, the arranging of notes and articles was accomplished by subtle assessment and observing of audiences’ various terms and intellectual positions gradually.
This media campaign has had important achievements which important items are mentioned below briefly:
In this media movement, the participation of social workers has been done without any personal, professional and organizational limitations, as social workers has been present from different levels of society.
The whole social workers, all together, proclaimed pleasant and admirable unity with their powerful writings; from employed social workers at the high level of job to individuals during college… the managers and employed persons in clinical social work…professors of social work… the heads of two of the three main classes relevant to social work… youth social work related to scientific forum and leaning to Iranian social workers’ community.
Purposefully, releasing of suppressed sounds was fulfilled visible and tangible thoroughly at different times in this media campaign.
In this campaign, we practiced and experienced differences in various forms and operational models by respecting and valuing them so that different intellectual and doctrinal forms and models of social workers have found an opportunity to reveal. (Certainly in similar issues predetermined)
In carrying out of this campaign, Iranian social workers could discuss and challenge their various thoughtful plans and ideas in respectful environment without any anxiety.
These plans and ideas are mentioned below:
Training, strengthening and expanding of media collective activities and mass movements among Iranian social workers.
Introducing of active social workers to internal and external users of websites and cyberspace networks and mutually, introducing them to active and executive organizations of social work through media campaign implementation.
Planning and collective decision about printing and publishing media campaign book of social workers with the aim of registering articles, notes and comments at the present time.
In the field of Iran’s social work, Introducing new launched websites and virtual databases to Iranian social workers community, social work students, organizations in charge of social work and our partners in this media campaign.
Hereby, we appreciate your sincere and valuable companionship which all of you were real and legal companions of this media campaign.

The honorable managers of websites:
Mr. A.Movahedi (social workers’ professional website)
Mrs. K .Rad. Aj Pishe (Safir-e-Salamat clinic website)
Mrs. Babaeian (Pouyan clinic website)
Mr. A. Jabbar zadeh (Aida clinic website)
Mrs. M. Fatahi (Shams-e-Kariman clinic website)
Mrs. T. Jafari (Navid-e-Zendegi clinic website)
Mrs. Hosein Zadeh (Beh Ravesh clinic website)
Mrs. N. Roosta (Parsa clinic website)
Dr. M. Irvani (2012 social work website)
Mr. A. M. Mansouriyah (social news weblog)
And: Iranian social work’s official website
Individuals and personalities:
Mr. Seyed H. Mousavi. Ch (the honorable director of Iranian social workers’ association)
Mr. Seyed A. Rahimi (the honorable director of national association relevant to social work centers’ association)
Mr. R. Babri (the manager of Mehr Azar clinic)
Mr. A. Yazdani (member of Iranian social workers’ board of directors)
Mr. M. Falahi (the manager of Pouna clinic)
Mrs. M. Pourmohammadi Azar (the manager of Tolou-e-Sabz clinic)
Mr. H. Olamaee (former office assistant of Iranian social workers’ association)
Mr. A. Izad Pour (the honorable director of social work centers’ association of Semnan province)
Mrs. M. Abbasi (the manager of Pendar clinic)
Mr. M. Danaei Far (social work senior expert)
Mr. B. Alaei (social worker of medical sciences university of Alborz province)
Mrs. N. Amani (technical assistant of Parsa clinic)
Mrs. Johar Qoli (the manager of Ehsan clinic)
Mrs. S. Sadeqi (Master of Science student)
Mr. H. Qesmati (professor and family counselor)
And other great masters and friends
Special thanks:
At the end, we appreciate sincerely companionship and generously efforts of Iranian social workers’ professional website by managing of Mr. Movahedi and hid esteemed colleagues cooperated with us during media campaign implementation and they didn’t neglect any effort in all circumstances of easy and difficult.
Javaad Teleschi
Secretary of executive committee of Iranian social workers’ media campaign

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