Resilience Club, the laboratory of Iranian resilience research center

Iranian Resilience Club: The laboratory of Iranian resilience research center; under supervision and support of Iranian social work specialized Media.

The resilience club has been created in January 2015 with the aim of easy access to the website and the contents in the form of a thematic category along with other branches of resilience.

We hereby declare that the laboratory of Iranian resilience research center has begun to work on August 16th 2022 following all measurements and activities led and run by resilience experts club, and based on the decision of resilience working group relevant to Iranian social work media.

The Iranian Resilience Club

It is worth mentioning that the laboratory of Iranian resilience research center as one of the important and basic column of Iranian social work media (associated with the social work researches and new studies on coaching and as a main core of resilience club) has following purposes with tools and specific facilities based on the technology and information on resilience assay and other media capabilities:

•Research on resilience
•Content production on different fields of resilience
•Observing the news and information related to the resilience across Iran
•Translation, compilation and publication of international news on resilience
•Printing and publishing of professional books relevant to the resilience
•Holding the professional workshops on resilience with experienced experts who are teaching in various fields of resilience

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