The scope of resilience idea on Iranian social work website

Particular note by one of the activists of Iranian social workers Media about the resilience club book; the new book of ISWM

Despite the beginning of the 21st century, there is an increasing process of social conflicts, pandemic diseases, financial crises, immigration, war and homelessness, environmental problems and social harms which are the challenges test the nature of the contemporary man experimentally, and measure their mental endurance. Imagine the crisis is like a deep hole someone falls into, but someone else learns how to pass and not to be trapped ; this is a kind of conflict solution skill.

resilience on Iranian social work website

Resilience in current crises and solving problems needs timely management which it is a difficult intervention. The nature and the form of crises have outstanding differences and usually challenge our abilities for overcoming the problems. The more resilient people are, the easier with less costs it is to overcome and pass the crises.

Resilience needs a deep level of adaptation; it means when something happens which completely affects and overwhelms our lives, we should not imagine that we’re done. As our bodies tolerate diseases effects, the mind and its outputs should have resilience in the face of the current crisis. So we can also bear psycho-social and emotional problems when we are able to tolerate diseases.

It should be mentioned that the resilience does not mean infallibility, but as a self commitment and increase of healing capacity and continuous recovery. We all know our country, Iran faces a lot of natural and man-made crises. In this situation, while the vulnerability of people is increasing, it is required to have strategies and plans in order to reduce the effects of crises.

In this regard resilience is one of the most important plans helps us to achieve goals. Iranian social workers Media contains 3 subsets called as ISW announcements, ISW Virtual Magazine and ISW English website.

During 5 years of activity, four books entitled “the book of year” were compiled and published ; the content of two was based on media campaigns.

ISW website is the only one around the world whose specific content is annually published as a book. The significant point is the independence of this Media from the governmental and non-governmental organizations.

It is note worthy that ISW Media has a friendly relationship with the most professional associations in the field of sciences helping people. Fortunately, it neither is nor will be influenced by any association.

At the present time, ISWM is going to compile and publish other books and next step is publication of specific articles about SW researches. Other steps will be compilation of a series of social analyses conducted in recent years. Four volumes have been registered in National Library of Iran.

Creating resilience club as an idea of ISWM with the aim of scientific – practical researches on various fields of resilience will be difficult and erosive, because we intend to teach it not based on current standards but on effectiveness and efficiency following the institutionalization of resilience especially for vulnerable groups and those who work in different professions.

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