What is the main concept of international day’s motto of social work in 2017?

This motto has been determined as “promotion of social and environmental sustainability” by the international federation of social work.

The main concept of this motto is “resiliency” with emphasis on the need of promotion of quantitative and qualitative levels of world’s environmental and social resiliency and more importantly the interpretation of motto title, it is the necessity for finding the role and operational status of social work and social workers according to the topics presented by the federation and its fulfillment.

Certainly, a proper motto has been chosen by international federation of social work due to the extend the social problems in the world, the emergence and spread of inauspicious phenomenon of world terrorism which has been the war and bleeding and killing of innocent children and women and elderly, and painful genocide in Middle East.

Fortunately, it is worth noting that the resiliency, in its different aspects, has been the major topics presented by Iranian social workers’ website during the last two years and it is widely published in the cyberspace by the effort of masters and experts in the figure of topics and specific notes at different times.

At the end of this brief note, it is hoped that the international community of social work designs the beautiful poster with a message proportional to the depth and breadth of this great and important motto of international day of social work.

Javad Teleschi Yekta

Iranian social workers webmaster

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