Social Work and the resilience of social workers needs promoting

Writer: Shohreh Ta'atie, social worker on social harms

As a whole, the social work is a kind of pleasant profession but very difficult. It is multi-dimensional profession based on skill, knowledge, love, empathy, ability and expertise. Each of them has a world of conceptions and functions though they are arranged in order in social work. If one of these concepts gets inconspicuous or disappeared in one’s function, the process of social work traced by the social worker will be always along with a deep gap and irrecoverable consequences, and everyone feels its absence.

Social Workers must have a relative and primary knowledge in various fields of science and skills. It is better to say they needs to be aware of society, environment, politics and culture. For instance, it is impossible a social worker pursues a child custody case but know nothing about the parents’ custody or growth sentence or even the relevant entities he should refer. This feature of social work leads to increase of knowledge.Social Work and the resilience of social workers

Another feature of the profession with direct relation to the social worker is individual abilities and personality should be reinforced during the activities; e.g expertise, power with calmness, kindness along with logic, resistance against problems ahead. These are some individual and moral skills of a social worker should be institutionalized by knowledge acquisition and continuous practice.

Social Workers have to acquire and reinforce the abilities and required skills of good listening and watching, correct analysis, effective and timely interventions and essential pursuits. These skills, during their work lives, should be applied to empower and improve the quality of their own lives and clients’.

The subjects mentioned above are just headlines, and our honorable colleagues know well about difficulties of this profession; this major despite of a 50 year history has a long way to be accomplished by international standards.

In one hand, being tied to the culture, customs and the tribes of the society, the morals of those who work in this profession are inclined toward traditional social work compared to the developed and international social work. In another hand, There are no trustee and specified guild for financial, legal and social supports. Deficiency in executive laws limits the activities of social workers in order to advance the purposes of their cases.

For example imagine a social worker watching a child, woman or an elderly has been verbally or physically harassed, but the social worker can not interfere or take her or him away from the scene of violence; the only reaction is to call the social emergency and they will do nothing if there is not a serious problem.Social Work and the resilience of social workers

In developed countries whenever a social worker detects a violence is happening, he is permitted to save the life of a person has been abused and he is able to inform general attorney immediately and directly , and the legal authority is able to prevent worse crime by effective and urgent interventions.
Lack of support and some non-professional colleagues in some departments disrupt this profession.

The resilience skill plays a substantial role on social workers functions, their personal lives and spirits. The resilience is an influential and important component on social work and the person’s morals. The resilience is an acquiring feature that the person can learn it and the social workers can use it as a professional-behavioral skill in different jobs positions.Social Work and the resilience of social workers
Resilience is known as a kind of capacity increase to cope with different problems in various situations. This feature is very applicable because they should have a capacity to accept and a skill to recognize correctly and a kind of analysis to find appropriate solutions with the cooperation of clients in the same crises in confront of their profession problems and barriers as well as current issues in their clients lives.

Otherwise they will experience burnout and be vulnerable to their profession problems and clients even they will be seriously damaged.

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