Abadan is mournful

Exclusive interview of social work virtual magazine with the Head of Social Workers Association in Khouzestan

Hint: Not only is Abadan mournful but also Iran since the Metropol building has fallen down. After one week, Its inflammation hasn’t been reduced yet but all entities along with the people try to meet the needs and decrease pains.

One of the entities is Social work Association tries so hard these days. We have interviewed with Mrs. Tayebeh Ja’fari, the head of Khouzestan SWA about conditions of Abadan and the bereaved people.

SWA: Solacing for our compatriots deaths in Abadan; what do you think about Metropol building downfall and the financial, human losses and psycho-social conditions?

HK: This event was so unexpected and wretched involving not only the families have lost their loved ones but also the whole society. The people have experienced a great shock which has its own psycho-social consequences for a long time; there should be the professional psychologists and social workers to heal the pains, promote the resilience and overcome the crisis.
Khouzestan SWA has been in the region and had a field inspection and visited the bereaved families and found out about unfavorable conditions. They have quickly announced to be there voluntarily along with the psychologists to meet the needs in the crisis.

SWA: In this sensitive situation, what is your idea about SWA effective interventions in Khouzestan for damaged people?

HK: After accurate consideration of current situation and counseling with national association of social work, SWA of Khouzestan has prepared a plan and they expect to be implemented; the plan will be submitted to legal authorities for required licence. The plan is the professional psycho-social intervention with the approach of case management for damaged families.

SWA: Have there been any interventions by SWA with focus on Khouzestan branch to help those who are hurt?

HK: Yes, There is a team of psychologists, Psychiatrists, social workers, financial and legal experts to help the people based on their professions.

SWA: According to your residence and awareness of regional mental and spiritual conditions; what are your solutions to reduce pains?

HK: There are three damaged groups. First, those who have lost their loved ones. Second, those who suffer from maiming, and the last group lost their jobs. We should also pay attention to the people who have been shocked and suffer from mental crises.Abadan is mournful
SWA has announced to be ready for solving the problems, therefore we suggest the relevant entities accept the plan in order to start the steps of mourning, treatment and professional aids. People of Abadan are upset, angry and anxious. Illegally licensed buildings cause dissatisfaction and inconvenience. There would be more concerns about constructions built by Metropol contractor. The social capital is decreasing now and the government should have a long term planning.

SWA: Thank you for your cooperation
Interviewer: Zomorrod Zarkesh; Exclusive interviews work group of ISW virtual magazine

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