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The social workers and the social support of the recovered addicts

The social workers the ones who their concern is helping and supporting the affected people and today’s turbulent society without any expectation and this time they are supporter of the persons who test in combat with opium substantial like narcotics for years.

Undoubtedly the addiction with all its results and disadvantages is unable to be withdrawn and recovered therefore; the drug user needs to be supported by hope and intention. Irresistible determination has been responded by social workers’ support incessantly.
Although the addiction is an illness in modern society but it should not be ignored because this illness is more contagious than what we imagine.
The social workers’ presence is the necessity of the modern society in support and attraction of these peoples. The activities are performed in secret but the outward layers of this success are for the other people and it isn’t mentioned to the diligent social worker.
Undoubtedly the conditions will be prepared by the presence of the social workers to recognize the families affected by narcotics and the necessity of planning for withdrawal and rehabilitation in standard camps that they shouldn’t label one’s body and spirit by humiliation and violence, while the officials’ participation other people to be informed about the importance of the presence of painstaking social worker.
What percentage of urban and provincial and national camps uses expert social workers? What percentage of drug withdrawal clinics insists on the necessity of the expert social worker’s presence?
What is important and vital for recovered addict is the society and friends acceptance after drug withdrawal that the social worker can play an effective role about existence of mutual confidence between recovered addict and the society.
Although follow-up isn’t the first and last way for the social worker but it is in the last step of the addiction remove process that includes essential activities after physical and mental and behavioral withdrawal of the addiction.
Such activities like placement, weekly consultation, assessment, financial aid through loans, groups for making a healthy environment, form the social gathering are factors that the social worker tries to accomplish in the form of support after recovery.
Undoubtedly after support recovery the social worker tries to lead recovered addict’s life toward struggle, success and revenue by facilitating and creating jobs for him.
Other duties of the social workers are continual follow-up about the process of the possible changes after recovery according to fluctuations that may occur in one’s mood and spirit.
Don’t regret for the past time and the social worker will play more prominent role in the future.

Tayebeh Jafari
Social worker, September 2015
“Iranian social worker’s media campaign on social protection of recovered”

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