Iranian Constitution and the Role of Social Work in Health Care System

Sajjad Majidi Parast: Ph.D Student in Social Work

In Iran, the Ministry of Health is defined by the constitution therefore it’s responsible for health care tasks and social workers are also one part of this ministry. In the constitution the Ministry of Health has been defined: For optimal use and coordination of medical facilities and extended to provide health care, education and medical research the 29th principle express: “The entitlement to social security and retirement, unemployment, old age, disability, orphans, accidents and the need for health services, medical care, insurance and etc are the public rights of citizens and it’s the government duty to provide these services with public finance and profits from the participation of local people to support every citizen’s needs”.

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Sajjad Majidi Parast
Ph.D Student in Social Work
Allameh Tabataba’i University

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