Resilience means action

The CEO and founder of Home of Resiliency Dr. Mohammadreza Moghadasi

Crisis is a reflection of need for action. Resilience means action. A physician–based health care system would not last if people are not committed and involved. We admire the health care staff sacrifices, and are committed to our social responsibilities.

The CEO and founder of Home of Resiliency Dr. Mohammadreza Moghadasi maintained in an interview with the Iranian Social Workers’ reporter: We should not leave the health care staff alone in this crisis because health and its social responsibility is a public concern.

Wherever health and sickness are discussed, the main issue is the debate between resilience and susceptibility. This is about the battle between health and sickness; although it occurs at micro levels, to win the situation for the better, we need the society’s cooperation. Hopefully, a collaboration-based health care system is resilient and can fight with any threat and danger regarding a pandemic.

Dr. Moghadasi also mentioned that psychological and social variables are on a continuum with two extremes of exaggeration and negligibility. The ideal situation is to avoid both, and promote balanced behavior and self-discipline.


It is important to note that reducing the situation to a mere psychological one is a mistake, and it is essential to bear in mind that resiliency is in collaboration. Therefore, public commitment and accepting self-responsibility are recommended by the health care system and experts. Although more susceptible and at risk individuals are in need of social or psychological support, it does not mean that the current situation concerns the psychological domain only.


It is quite relevant to the ongoing crisis to remind ourselves of the psychological variables of crisis management, namely denial and incredibility, perceived frailty and failure, and ignorance and irresponsibility instead of managing the problem. These are the most important psychological variables of crisis management which, though possibly existing already, can be intensified during the crisis situation.

Resilience and taking action in situations such as an epidemic or pandemic mean law–abiding behavior and following authorities’ recommendations.

It is worth mentioning that any conflict between the people in charge or even the ordinary should be prohibited. Everyone must act based on the authorities’ recommendations, not to under-estimate the role mass media can play in such situations. Ambiguity must be avoided since it can produce stress.

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