Burnout among Social Workers in Iran: Relations to Individual Characteristics and Client Violence

Social workers are considered a professional group at high risk of burnout. Noticing the insufficient human resource management and understaffed social work centers, Iranian social workers are faced with a considerable level of physical and mental stress, which can lead to burnout.

A national study on 390 social workers was conducted. Among social workers, 10.9% had experienced burnout and 17.4% are at risk of developing burnout. Social workers scored higher in burnout if they were dissatisfied with their income, had experienced violence, or had lower self-esteem. Findings are discussed with regard to Iranian context and recommendations for authorities of Iranian state welfare organizations are made.

Keywords: burnout, social work, self-esteem, client violence, Iran

Authors: Mojgan Padyab, Jörg Richter, Lennart Nygren, Mehdi Ghazinour

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Published on the specialized media of Iranians social work

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