An overview concerning multiple aspects of women and their specific power

An overview concerning multiple aspects of women and their specific power
Writer: Mehrimah Bahramzade, social worker

Multiple aspects of women and their specific power for playing various roles with some topics:

•The quality of life for employed women or housewives
•Mental and physical health
•The quality of their marriage life
•When the role strain appears

The role strain occurs when the women are unable to do their duties and they are forced to play a role as a head of household, provider, a mother, and a spouse when they face crises like divorcement, death or illness of their husbands.

The role strain appears when women are not able to be adapted with the roles mentioned above and fear facing them. The women who work outside usually experience the role strain as a conflict between their jobs and family duties.

Physical health of employed women
Research indicates that they are physically healthier than housewives. Only one group of these women experiences poor physical health; women having low income with a high number of children who are not interested in their jobs, and incapable to do their tasks.

Mental health of employed women compared to housewives’
They are happier and more compatible compared to housewives. Most of them are excited to be challenged in hard work; they are strongly satisfied to achieve a long term occupation. Having multiple roles makes a kind of shock absorber which means working outside acts as a protector against stress arisen by family problems. Such these women better cope with their problems; as an example, their child is not studious. But women with low level and harder jobs are dissatisfied with their lives and feel more pain.

These multiple roles have positive effects and their advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It should not be ignored that they have less leisure time, their housework and parenting responsibility are more than men but they are generally more satisfied.

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