The first online store of Iranian social work

Due to the necessity of an internet comprehensive source for introducing and presenting the whole products related to the field of social work, we are going to set up and design the first online store of Iranian social work so that you will be able to observe and choose and provide the newest through this source.
It is worth mentioning that you, social workers, in this store, can exhibit and sell your books coordinated by the management group of this cyber store, and social work clinics’ advertisements, introducing the specific services of social work centers, providing the books files and articles in different formats, introducing designed websites as a model and online order of website designing and other specific services in this virtual database.
It should be noted that this website will be opened on May 22nd (Sha’ban 15th, birthday of Imam Mahdi pbuh) and this database and other accompanying websites and all our databases in social networks will notify widely.
Javad Teleschi Yekta
Webmaster of Iranian social workers

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