Invitation to present the articles on the occasion of global month of social work in 2017

According to the mission of Iranian social workers website, for implementation of various media projects related to the social work with a focus on various global specialized topics, meets every year and on the occasion of global month of social work in 2017, the media campaign will be also carried out this year by the presence of authors and activists on social work through extensive release of related articles on websites and social networks in different languages.

Thereby all writers, activists, and also our constant companions are invited to accompany in this media campaign by submitting related articles with the subject of “Social Work and the promotion of social and environmental sustainability”.

It must be mentioned, like every year; related articles will be recorded and published in annual book of Iranian social workers website.

To attend this collective action, enthusiasts can submit their articles to this address email

Time to submit the related articles will be on 20 February 2017.

Public Relations of Iranian social workers website

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