Activities of Iranian social workers website in 2018

In 2018, various and noticeable actions have been taken by professional community of Iranian social workers; the most important ones are mentioned below:

  • The professional collection of “ the challenges of social workers in Iran” come true by Dr. Salman Ghaderi and Dr. Elham Mohammadi in the form of media campaign categorized in 4 separate parts and published simultaneously by different social work websites and news stations
  • The media project ordered by Varjavand Publication with the subject of the presence of this cultural community at 31st international book festival in Tehran by introducing over 10 scientific works published on Resiliency
  • Publishing several specialty articles and different researches by Mrs. Mohammadi on Resiliency
  • The individual, family and environmental factors on resiliency in children and adolescents

  • How are the social workers able to raise the resiliency in children under care?”

  • What is social resiliency? The lessons and the ways ahead

  • Resiliency and the cancer (published in Persian and English)

  • The role of hope and social support on resiliency in cancer patients

  • Support of emotional resiliency in social workers (published in Persian and English)

  • “ The role of social emergencies in disasters” launched as the book of year in Iranian social workers websites in June 2018; It is noticeable that the book have been published by Sokhanvaran publication and cooperate with a group of social workers and the activists of the website in 103 pages and in the form of 18 various notes on “ why and how the natural disasters happen, target groups, challenges and the consequences of natural disasters, crisis management, and the ways of rehabilitation of damaged people; the free electronic file is accessible for all people
  • The media project, “introducing the elites of social workers of Isfahan“ have been performed by Mrs. Homa Sadri ; 30 professional interviews with social work activists and pioneers of Isfahan
  • Presence of administrator of Iranian social workers website in “Arman-e-Bartar” festival and receiving the national prize as “better public relations” with 3 Iranian social workers websites, the internet magazine and the social work centers all over the country; It must be mentioned that the festival was held in September 2018, and among 300 companies about 40 companies and competent managers in different fields chosen by opinion of juries and prominent professors and experts
  • The media campaign of “publishing a series of specialized social work subjects in various fields “, compiled and translated by Fatemeh Mohammadi in two languages, Persian and English (twenty articles) along with qualitative standards of professional articles; It is worth noting that the campaign have been weekly run through all Persian and English news stations of Iranian social workers media from August 2018 to March 2019.
  • The publication of several hiring ads of social workers on behalf of NGOs such as the Children’s Foundation, Samar Charity, Mehrafarin Charity, Vali-e-asr Rehabilitation Institute (during the year at various times, based on the official request of relevant institutions)
  • The media project “Introducing the active social work clinics “, aimed at identifying the capabilities and potentials of active clinics through dedicated interviews with the managers of these centers (Twenty-two special interviews)
  • Introduction of new books published in the field of social work (during the the year at different times), by the authors and translators: Mr. Esmaeel Abbasi, Sajjad Majidi Parast, Hossein Rezaee, as well as related books by Mr. Bohloul Mohammadi
  • The media coverage “the first specialized meeting of resiliency for Welfare Organization experts on social injured people” held in February 2019 with the participation of Iranian social workers’ media representatives; It is worth noting that the specialized workshop was held with the presence of Dr Reza Jafari (Director General of affairs relevant to social injured people), Dr. Massoudi Farid (Deputy of social affairs) and all experts who is responsible in social injured office all over the country in the conference hall of Farhangian complex
  • The specialized meeting “Laws to support children and adolescents and the challenges ahead” by the women and family law clinics of the center for Researches and Human Rights, Peace and Democracy of Shahid Beheshti University in March, 2019
  • The professional interviews with the prominent personalities social work including Dr. Mostafa Eghlima (the head of scientific association of social workers), Dr. Mohammad Zahedi Asl (University professor), Dr. Fariba Derakhshan nia (the head Pioneering Specialists of social workers) and others; It is worth mentioning that the interviews will be continued in the future
  • Publishing various notes on important social issues, by the authors of the Iranian social workers website including Parvaneh Khoftan, Leila Forghani, Fatemeh Jafari and the others
  • The news coverage of “The first national congress of legal and judicial challenges for psychiatric patients” which will be held in July 2019 in Tehran in collaboration with scientific centers, NGOs and prominent professors and scholars from famous, University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences

And many other specialized and different activities throughout the year

The public relations of Iranian social workers website


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