The power of harm depends on the amount of neglect

The power of harm depends on the amount of neglect.
manager and founder of Home of resiliency Dr. mohammadreza moghadasi

The product line of resilience is management, so we need to expand the boundaries of management and the authority of the Ministry of Health.

The key to resilience in biological crises is the expansion of managerial boundaries and the development of authority in the ministries and agencies.

Whenever the emission rate is high and the detection speed is low, the only effective way is to reduce contacts and social interactions, especially when the latency period is long.

Disease spread requires communications and interactions, and of course diagnosis takes time, so health will be maintained if you don’t have the opportunity and time to get in touch with others. In addition, diagnosis requires tools, equipment and expertise.
Hence the decline in social interaction is emphasized, which is also the reason for the quarantine.

The virus does not ask our opinion; the virus is transmitted in the smallest unprotected contact; therefore, either protect yourself or avoid contact; what we need at the moment is action, not the opportunity to discuss theoretical foundations. With the increase in the authority of the Ministry of Health, and with the emphasis on equipping and protecting individuals and eliminating contact levels, reducing social interaction and mobility and the use of all capacities, we will be able to provide a safe way to break the biological cycle and develop resilience. Success index in biological and health crises is determined by public participations and related organizations.

Definitely, the Ministry of Health has the main role in managing the situation, so following the health and safety standards can put the virus under control.Likewise, in the three areas of environmental, social and economic hazards, which are the domain of social resilience, the management is the most important issue and resilience is the achievement of management. In addition to protecting the injured and supporting vulnerable individuals and communities, civil society can play a special role in distributing items and increasing awareness and developing self-care capabilities.NGOs are expected to refrain from any social action outside the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health. All actions must be in support and participation, and the crisis headquarters should also provide a roadmap for community partners, NGOs and volunteers.Providing support packages, distributing items, and supporting vulnerable and at-risk people is certainly one of the most obvious duties of governments.


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