The message of Iranian Social Works Website in the conviction of today Tehran terrist attack

Terorism is not a new phenomenon. History is full of terrorist attack which threat the life of many innocent people, desprive human from their basic freedom and rights, put friendly relationship of governments at risk and threat territorial integrity and security of governments. Terrorist attacks with the aim of creating fear are done within unexpected violent acts against members of a society. Terrorism is always a sad story for their victims, not only for victims who lost their life or being injured but also for victims who lost their security for a long time. What makes difference between terrorism of our time from the terrorism of past time is that nowadays the terrorism threats all nations and countries and is pulled from domestic areas to international policy. In our time terrorism is changed from the national threaten to the international and universal threaten. Terrorism likes ” the plague of our time” is one of the most serious and fundamental obstacles for human to achieve peace and security. Terrorist attacks are inconsistent with natinal and international standards including United Nations Chart, Universal Declaration, Europe Convention for human rights, The Koran and … According to unpleasant consequences of terrorist attacks, Iranian Social Works Sociaty condemns terrorist attacks all over the world, condemns recent terrorist attacks in the capital of our Islamic country and considers this terrorist attack as a human rights violations, and expresses condolences and sympathy to the family of victims of this terrorist attack, demands from all segments of society that preventing from spreading rumors and false news and notifying suspected cases to authorities in order to keep security in society. Now our responsibility to make security, peace and unity is more than before. We should know that for defensing our country against terrorist attacks and achieving nowadays security we have paid the high cost and lost our youths so we should defense this security and peace and prevent spreading rumors so we can see the failure of foreign plots and the growth and development of our country.


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