The Instagram message of Iranian Social Worker’s media manager is addressed to the head of Iranian Social Work Association

Dear Mr. Sayed Hasan Mousavi Chalak; the head of Iranian social workers association

Based on your lately statements on Instagram live, about the Iranian social work regulations, we hereby declare that the regulation will not be successfully prepared, set, compiled, presented, and approved in the Islamic consultative assembly unless the following organizations to be involved:

Iranian Scientific Association of Social Work (as a known scientific and professional guild)

Pioneer and famous professors of social work

Welfare organization , at the top of it, empowerment office of women and the family

Center of social work clinics (as a professional guild, over 500 centers all over the country)

Iranian social work media (as a first cyber-media organization of social work with the first media demanders to approve the social work system organization in 2016; the social movement published in the book of the year and the national library)

Otherwise, despite of all efforts, you will not be successful while disregarding other real guilds including governmental or non-governmental as a main bases and members of the regulations, and the golden time will be lost for proving the personal abilities and incomprehensible ignoring (as previous times).

So it is emphasized that do not waste the time to access a social work system organization just for individualism of guild association and let the oppressed generation of experts have a social work system organization.

Sincerely yours

Javad Teleschi Yekta, social worker


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