The fourth book of Iranian social work Media collection will be published soon;

The Media campaign titled by ” the role of the  social emergencies in natural disasters ” becomes a book.
Our country is one of the vulnerable regions  exposed to the natural disasters which tolerates a variety of economic and human damages. Based on the international reports, Iran is one of the high risk   countries where thousands of people lose their lives in the accidents like earthquakes, floods, droughts, thunderstorms   and avalanches each year. The loss caused by natural disasters are unpredictable and generally stable so damaged people are in a cycle of poverty, disability, homelessness and social harms which  its compensation is impossible in short and in mid terms. These people, in addition to lose their loved ones experience problems such as hunger, unemployment, economic issues and they confront some material, spiritual, physical, mental and social challenges in their lives.

Dealing with disasters is  hard but it seems using of strategies in different levels of primary, secondary and tertiary  prevention causes an accurate management of current condition and predicting the future which have positive results like minimizing the loss. Therefore the management before, during and after the crisis and finally during the people rehabilitation help to decrease the existing problems.

Different organizations cooperate when there is a problem and due to the different aspects of the crisis  it is difficult to coordinate them but possible. In this condition it seems the society is mobilized for helping the areas and people who are damaged but the management and coordination are basic actions which are effective to reach the goals (reducing the people’s vulnerability and their rehabilitation).

One of the organizations that can play a constructive role in different levels of crisis is social emergency  center which can take various actions by  the proficient social workers and trained psychologists based on the recognition of  present status and professional knowledge. Due to the nature of the social emergency activities and presenting the actions done, the vulnerable people are able to receive various services including psychological service, treatment and rehabiliation and they can  sympathize with other people who are damaged.

Despite little action done to show the nature of the social emergency services, the written resources which reflect these services accurately and fairly organised are also limited. In spite of this, our media  collection intends to devote the fourth book to this vital issue. In the end it should be noted that this website is the only  media of the social work whose particular contents are annually published in a book form and it is hoped to be used by our dear contacts.

Javad Teleschi Yekta
Webmaster of Iranian social work

Retrieved from the introduction of the fourth book
Published on Iranian social work website


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