New activities of professional committee of family resiliency under the Marriage and Family Association + introducing the committee members

The professional committee of family resiliency under Marriage and Family Association has begun its new activities.

Along with other research and educational committees, it is under the control of Marriage and Family Association and it has voluntarily capacities of resiliency center.

The professional committee of family resiliency has officially organized the activities in March 2018 in order to achieve the purposes approved and family basics consolidation and promoting the quality of life and developing the abilities of contacts to be familiar with theoretical basics and operational features of resiliency in the family.

“From the beginning of our activity in 2008 and 2009, we have held some meetings on resiliency at Amaneh Nursery under title of “teachers and consultants club of marriage and family ” and under the control of Welfare Organization, until in 2018 the Family Resiliency Committee was formed by the viewpoint of board of directors and the manager of association Mrs. Saeedeh Hadi; along with the increasing international attentions on resiliency issue, the working groups of translators chose, translated and gradually published the appropriate texts by referring to the experiences of known translator Mrs. Efat Heydari (on self-help and resiliency)”. Mohammad Reza Moqaddasi, the manager of professional team of family resiliency stated to the reporter of Iranian social work News Agency.

It had been planned to hold the specialized workshops for training the instructors and facilitators at individual and social levels with the support of written field activity as well as educational power and the use of experienced masters on resiliency of spouses and children and parenting issue; with a slight delay these plans will be accomplished by more motivation and power based on  innate duty and time requirements.

We are proud having such these honorable experts who pay attention to the resiliency problem.

The members of  professional committee of family resiliency under the marriage and family association


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