Book of articles and notes of Iranian social workers website

The works and contents of  Iranian social workers website are annually and comprehensively published in a book form.By providing another opportunity by the grace of God and friends’ collaboration and other colleagues, we endeavored to write the third collection of articles and notes of Iranian social workers website which it has been finally in a book form mentioned above.

During the past year, major issues occurred in the country and in the social field that if effective plans are not accomplished in order to prevent them in various levels, they can cause injuries and incidents which their control will be difficult and need to time and high costs for example, mishaps concerning kids, families and women which affected on collective conscience and caused many reactions on social networks and national level and this book reflects these problems. On the other some measures have been adopted to reduce social harms which arising from anxiety among authorities and officials, it is hoped that these measures lead to adopting practical actions in the field of prevention, treatment and social damaged empowerment. The emphases and frequent follow-ups of Islamic Republic Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei (May excellent) are on providing comprehensive plans and effective measures in order to prevent and control of social harms and meetings at the highest levels of decision-making, and in fact these follow ups show his sensitivity and concern. Due to this matter there has been emphasis on reducing the social harms in the sixth program of development, and it can promise the better days in providing services to vulnerable groups or people at risk, and comprehensive planning.

In this context, and given the changes in the past year, professors, experts and scholars of social work as pioneers deal with social harms published articles and notes on social workers website. The importance of this note and articles has been due to its use proportionate with the society and objective and real analysis of social harms and operational solutions. So this book was classified in five areas as follows:

The first chapter is about the empowerment of women heads of households. The second chapter consist collection of notes and articles of social workers on the occasion of the world day of social work. In the third chapter, the subject is social demands and in the next chapter it has been mentioned Iran social work system and its establishment necessities. Finally the last chapter is a selection of notes and articles about different issues. It is hoped that this collection be a practical step in raising awareness and providing subjects and applicable plans to enhance society health and reduce social harm at the society level.

Iranian social workers’ online database as a sub-website is the first and only the specialized online database of social work which its works and contents are annually and comprehensively published in a book form. This book will be effective for those involved in various social fields ranging from social executives planners, social workers, psychologists, sociologists and other specialists.


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