Annual activities report of Iranian social workers website

In 1395 (2016), different and significant activities were conducted by specialized group of Iranian social workers website which the most important activities are as follows:

*Media campaign by the subject of social demand was celebrated with the participation of activists of social work in the early 1395

*Accomplishment of this campaign named as “Need for approval of social work organization” with the participation of social activists and writers on Iran social work

*Project of activating, strengthening and updating of pages on social networks (especially, English pages with the aim of introducing the abilities and intellectual and motional potentials of Iranian social workers community to the world) and introduction of mentioned pages to the social workers community

*Media campaign of introducing the family Care training course in terms of divorce with cooperation of a number of participants in different temporal periods of relevant courses

*Design and activate of several websites for social work clinics of different provinces

*Run of media campaign with the subject of “need for attention to problems of specific patients, analyze and explore various aspects of the problems of patients and their families

*Update the first mobile application of social work owned by Iranian social workers website (not yet released)

*Accomplishment of more than tens of group discussion with different social topics and reflect the content analysis of virtual forums (large group of Iranian social workers on Telegram) through the reports on websites and social networking sites

*Implementation of media project about analysis of Iran social issues with the cooperation of some specialized team members of Iranian social workers website which more than 13 cases analyzed and published

*Organizing of editorial board of Iranian social workers website and classifying the articles published by the regular writers and introducing the featured writer on social work

*Plan for introducing the educators of Isfahan social work, identify and conduct exclusive interviews and broad dissemination of the results on all sites managed by Iranian social workers website

*Practice and perform of several indirect media campaigns with different issues, restricted and in a short-term via Iranian social workers website and other social networks

*Creating channels on Telegram social network from internet magazine of Iranian social work, Guilan social workers and social work’s Café Resane

*Creating a comprehensive database from active channels on Telegram and the introduction of channels on social work websites

*Introduction of active websites in the field of social work (it is incomplete and will be continued in the New Year)

*Formed the committee for International Relations of Iranian social workers website to observe more the latest news and technical information in the field of social work

*Acting for publishing the third book of Iranian social workers website

*Media campaign with the subject chosen by International Federation of Social Work (Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability) in the final weeks of the year 1395 (2017, March)

*Publishing the articles of active social workers around the country with a variety of social and technical issues during the year

And many other specialized and diversified tasks during the year

It should be noted, based on many years’ experience, year of 1396 (2017) will be started in a condition which there is a relative and acceptable stability (in terms of initial goal and policies) and thanks to God and due to the companionship and support of specialized team of Iranian social workers website, the activity and the performance will be different than previous years in the new year.

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